Sports & the 2nd wave of Covid-19


Ottawa Public Health explains how the sports practice turned into a COVID-19 super spreader event.

  • - The index case was an asymptomatic person with COVID-19 who attended a team practice (they did not know they were infected)
  • - Later, other asymptomatic people with COVID-19 and one symptomatic person with COVID-19 attended practice (none knew they were infected)
  • - Masks were not consistently worn during practice
  • - People carpooled to practices with members from outside their household
  • - People mingled outside practices without proper mask use or physical distancing
  • - Many interconnections: Coaches who coached multiple teams and practices included players from different teams

Sport's practice in Ottawa led to 89 COVID-19 cases and forced hundreds to self-isolate







Russo adds: “This could be a real milestone for the world of football because
it may help to create a legacy for the future that enables other people to
come forward to reveal wrongdoing without fear of being prosecuted.”


At the Helm....

We could have have had this...

...but instead this at the helm and blatant conflict of interests

Did everyone get this electronic email from National Capital RSA?
As you are aware members of the OCSL are not ok with what is happening in our district, and we want change to happen. 
Attached is one of the first steps in standing up for change and strong ethics in our district. I have attached a letter that we ask you, your members, friends and anyone that cares about soccer in Ottawa to send to Ontario Soccer. Make your voice heard. Send it often. Make sure that they cannot ignore us. 
The email addresses it needs to go to is privacy@ontariosoccer.net and appealcasemanager@ontariosoccer.net feel free to also include other Ontario Soccer staff on your email. 
I have also attached a summary of what has happened and what this means for your club/players. This might help with any questions you may get. If there is [questions] regarding this that you need to discuss, please use this email address [nationalcapitalrsa@gmail.com].
Thank you and happy emailing!


"...a small glimpse of the overall situation.”

Ottawa Citizen article:

QUOTE: Greg Amiel, community events co-ordinator for the Ottawa Redblacks, slammed the lawsuit on Twitter.
“Awareness must be brought to this across #Ottawa,” he wrote. “Truly wrong & this shouldn’t be a legal matter. This club should be embarrassed.”
Those sentiments were echoed by John Rodenburg, who works for the radio station TSN 1200.
“And we wonder why youth sports are so screwed up. We have a local soccer club suing a coach for leaving.”
Is this a reflection of in-dealings not just about findings of an independent judicial process, but other arrangements between club's?  What about a parent's / player's right to choose a better coaching provider?  It's a relief prominent sports & media figures have caught wind of this.