1. Anonymous8/5/20

    How will COVID-19 affect this season? Affect your clubs? Affect your teams? Are we seriously looking to have players register by May 15th? These are seriously exceptional times, we should have exceptional flexibility!

  2. Anonymous8/5/20

    By Staff, 05/08/20, 4:00AM EDT

  3. Ravens Online Fitness Classes and E-Sports Tournaments


  4. Anonymous8/5/20

    Ontario's major sports team can resume training, government hints play could resume in 'not-too-distant future'


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  6. Anonymous28/5/20

    CBC.ca: Amateur soccer taking a kicking from COVID-19.

  7. Anonymous22/7/20

    Looking more like there won't be a season in Ottawa, as we get closer to the end of July and increasing COVID cases. The Outaouais league is up and running though, and I noticed that St. Stefan simply entered there rather than in the OCSL. Anyone know whether that's actually a separate club than the one that plays in OCSL? If not, why can't everyone else do this?

  8. Anonymous22/7/20

    I don't think there will be a season with the way things are going. One of the groups offering supplemental training had a trainer test positive for covid, but he kept coaching with this group, as well as training with his team, until getting the result. In the meantime, he possibly exposed people attending this training as well as his teammates. Some of his teammates in turn do supplemental training elsewhere, and some also help out at summer camps for their club. God only know how many players (including young kids) may have been indirectly exposed because of this group.

    1. Anonymous22/7/20

      Heard about this. Guess PLSQ will have to push back the start of their season while 1/4 of the league's players self-quarantine.

    2. Anonymous23/7/20

      There are actually 6 teams in the PLSQ men's division, so only 1/6 of the league needs to be quarantined (if that's any better). Women's division has 4 teams, but not sure whether the women's team was also impacted by this. My guess would be they were, since there was also a girls camp going on.

    3. Anonymous24/7/20

      Out of curiosity, does anyone know whether the company issued refunds to participants of the camp after this fiasco?

    4. Anonymous24/7/20

      Important question - the women's PLSQ season is supposed to start tomorrow (Jul 25). Were any of OSU's women's PLSQ players at the camp in question earlier this week with the trainer who tested positive for covid? PLSQ schedule still shows the game is on as scheduled, with no communication to the contrary. I assume none attended and are not required to self-quarantine for a two week period?

    5. Anonymous25/7/20

      Is my understanding correct? The trainer who tested positive works for a training group/company which is separate from OSU. This separate group knew he was being tested and let him continue coaching. OSU did not know about it until after they were informed he tested positive.
      Am I correct?

    6. Anonymous25/7/20

      That's my understanding. There isn't anything OSU or any other club could have done because information was withheld. I think what the questions are getting at are whether everyone has taken the appropriate precautions after that. The individual who tested positive trained with OSU's men's PLSQ team while he was positive, which means everyone from team who attended that practice should be self-quarantining for two week beginning this past Wednesday. If the season is set to start August 1st, that means it should be delayed. I assume that is what's happening, but don't know for sure. The PLSQ women's division starts today, so I think the more pressing question is whether any of their players were at the camp with the individual who tested positive, and whether any of those attendees (if any) trained with the rest of their team after that. And whether the game actually went on today.

    7. Anonymous27/7/20

      I know someone from another club whose kid had to get tested and they said the testing site was full of OSU kids. Did they require or suggest that everyone get tested?

    8. Anonymous29/7/20

      To the question above about the men's PLSQ schedule, OSU's schedule was pushed back to allow for the 2-week quarantine period.

  9. Anonymous22/7/20

    Wear a mask for Christ's sake! Otherwise, when we go to the toilet to crap we'll not wash hands or wipe our asses; then in your favorite public or **private** venue, rub our shit stained naked asses in that can of beans in the supermarket or chair at the pub. All in show solidarity and comradery with ***your** exercise of **our** individual freedoms. Think about that next time you proudly see, in a chair or a can, our Constitutional Stain on ALL of us liberty! Brothers in Arms!

    1. Anonymous22/7/20

      This goes beyond wearing a mask - it's simply downright deceptive on this group's part. They and the trainer knew he was being tested and withheld the information from participants. In the meantime, the trainer and the participants had contact with other teammates and with kids attending another camp.

  10. Anonymous22/7/20

    Very irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour.

  11. Anonymous31/7/20

    Thanks for answering my question about OSU not knowing about the positive case. That makes me feel better. I have been happy with how OSU has been handling things.

    To answer some other questions- the camp for my child was included as part of our regular fees for the year. New camp days have been scheduled to make up for the 3 cancelled days.

    As for testing, we were told our group didn't have contact and was low risk. Testing was not mentioned. I'm not sure about other groups.

    I'm happy to read that the PLSQ team's schedule was pushed back and hope the rest of the players and coaches are OK.

    1. Anonymous31/7/20

      Good to hear they're taking it seriously. I'm pleased with how Futuro is handling it as well. Anyone who was at the "external camp in question" has to self-isolate (per Ottawa Public Health, I believe), but Futuro had anyone who was in contact with any of those kids go get tested before returning (subject to a negative test).

      Too bad that there are some yahoos out there putting people at risk though.

    2. Anonymous13/9/20

      I've actually been hearing that the recent exodus of coaches from OSU had to do with the covid fiasco from this summer. Seems that some people knew more about it than they let on at the time?

    3. Anonymous14/9/20

      Exodus? How many coaches are we talking about?

  12. Anonymous2/8/20

    So ERSL officially canceled their season on Friday. Only thing left is potentially OCSL's rec divisions (MR/WR/OT/Masters), but I'll be surprised if anything happens. I did see that NCISL and some of the private companies operating around town are running leagues - NCISL on the basis that they're a "club" and not a "league", so all teams are internal; the others are operating because they aren't sanctioned and obviously aren't running the leagues with people's health in mind.

    Anyone know if there have been issues in Quebec yet? Their leagues have been running a couple of weeks now.

  13. Anonymous6/8/20

    Let's hope clubs are allowed to start playing each other again this fall/winter.

    1. Anonymous6/8/20

      Indoor? Enclosed air circulation? Bubble Soccer?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubble_football
      Not kidding.

    2. Anonymous6/8/20

      OCSL officially canceled their rec divisions today as well. I do agree we need to be careful, but wonder how they're managing things in Quebec, particularly given that leagues across the province, including Montreal are playing. Wonder if they'll have issues at some point.

  14. Anonymous6/8/20

    Gotta get back to some sense of normalcy, boys. Let's get back on the pitch, boys.

    Even Futuro….

  15. Anonymous18/9/20

    Won't be surprised to see soccer shut down again.

  16. Anonymous18/9/20

    in all honesty and fairness, it is not like anyone can say "...remember when we used to do this for this type of thing...?"

  17. Anonymous27/10/20

    Indoor soccer is going to be a big question mark. Can they do something like this:
    - No parents allowed inside the dome
    - Drop off your kids at the dome, and come back at the end of practice.
    - No kids enter the dome before the previous team fully exits
    - No parents gathering outside the dome (it's Winter anyways - shouldn't happen)

    If we can do this, the risk should be minimum I think. Of course, the problem will be with other sports like hockey. If there's an outbreak in hockey they'll move to close down all other sports, acting on emotion rather than facts. I hope the kids don't get denied training at the very least.

    1. Anonymous30/10/20

      OSU and WOS have been playing in domes. Not sure how they manage to avoid people crossing paths as they enter/exit, or whether they're following rules about numbers in the domes.

    2. Anonymous30/10/20

      Says the guy who used to tell on other kids in class....

    3. Anonymous30/10/20

      I don't think it's a secret that they're playing in domes. I assume that they're allowed to play indoors, unless someone knows otherwise. The question about how they handle the flow of players is valid though.

    4. Anonymous30/10/20

      You have a beef with both clubs as does he. The topic wouldn't even be discussed if this was not the case.

      Jealousy is a terrible thing.

    5. Anonymous30/10/20

      No beef with anyone and I'm not sure why you're being so defensive. As far as I know, they are allowed to train in domes, provided the number of people in the domes don't exceed OPH and provincial restrictions. The comments were directed at the first post, which expressed concern about being able to play indoors in the winter - I was just pointing out that it seems to be possible, given that at least a couple of clubs are playing indoors already. I am interested in their logistics on keeping sessions running on time and avoiding unnecessary contact between sessions.

  18. Anonymous27/10/20

    OCT 20 - https://bit.ly/37Kuf8L

    The Ottawa Sport Council is working closely with Ottawa Public Health (OPH) to ensure that community sport organizations receive timely information regarding COVID as it applies to their operations.

    OPH is actively investigating several situations where transmission of COVID-19 has occurred in relation to organized sports. OPH has requested that the information below be distributed to all community sport organizations. Please share this message with your coaches, trainers, team managers and participants.

    Based on case management investigations, transmission may have occurred in a variety of ways including:
    • during team play
    • during the use of locker rooms
    • during carpooling with members outside a player’s household
    • eating together among teammates, parents, coaches and other children
    • team staff members and players who are involved in more than one team
    • individuals not wearing masks 

    OPH recognizes the important role of staying active plays in our overall health and well-being. In light of this increased transmission, it is important to remind everyone involved in organized sports they have a role to play and should know the risks, choose safer options and remain COVID Wise when choosing to participate in sports and recreation.

    Starting Wednesday October 21, OPH will be reporting on the number of outbreaks specific to sports and recreation settings in their daily COVID-19 dashboard. Individual teams and organizations will not be named in this report.

    Like some other settings, an outbreak in sports and recreation is defined as at least two players or coaches on the same team testing positive for COVID-19 with an epidemiological link. 

  19. Anonymous27/10/20


    Communication with leagues and associations
    OPH follows-up with all individuals who test positive for COVID-19, as well as their close contacts. A close contact has been in close physical proximity to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. OPH identifies close contacts through a detailed review of the symptoms of the person who tested positive, where they have been and with whom they have interacted.

    Be COVID Wise
    Transmission of COVID-19 is possible before, during and after training. Precautions are required to reduce the risk of transmission while enabling training to occur. 
    • Minimize social gatherings of participants and spectators both before and after the activity. This includes spectator stands, change rooms and the areas outside of recreational facilities. 
    • Limit carpooling and meals (in homes or at restaurants) to those within your household 
    • Limit gatherings inside and outside the facilities. Ensure a two-metre physical distance and wearing masks if parents and/or participants are socializing in the facility parking lots.   
    • Do not coach or play for more than one team 
    • Wear a face mask at all times unless engaged in strenuous athletic activity 
    • Maintain physical distance of at least two metres from other people before, during and after the activity 
    • Clean and disinfect equipment between uses 
    • Do not share your sports gear with other people 
    • Practice frequent hand hygiene by using an alcohol-based hand rub or washing your hands with soap and water 
    • Play outside rather than indoors 

    It is important to remember that even with precautions, participating in sports and recreation activities is still considered a higher risk activity. Carefully consider the risk to yourself and to others when choosing to engage in sport and recreation activities

    Current Provincial regulations
    The modified stage 2 regulations have outlined the following measures to reduce the risk of COVID transmission:
    • Sports games and/or scrimmages, both outdoor and indoor, are not permitted at this time in Ottawa;
    • Allow only 10 participants (including coaches/volunteers) in the arena at one time; Allow only 25 participants (including coaches/volunteers on fields at one time;
    • Do not travel between Ottawa and other regions for training, games, exhibitions, or tournaments;
    • Modify sports practices and training so that they do not include contact between people;
    • Maintain 2 metre physical distance between players, coaches, officials and others at all times. This includes before and after the training sessions;
    • Activities that are likely to result in individuals coming within two metres of each other (ex. carpools, tailgating) must not be practiced;
    • No spectators are permitted;
    • Ensure masks are always worn by athletes and coaches, except while they are engaged in vigorous physical activity;
    • Maintain mask use and distancing by players, coaches and parents before and after training sessions; and,
    • Locker rooms, change rooms, showers and clubhouses in the facility must be closed, except to the extent they provide access to equipment storage, a washroom or a portion of the facility that is used to provide first aid. 

    OPH has resources available to support Sports and Recreation organizers and participants to be COVID Wise.

    Visit OttawaPublicHealth.ca for more Guidance for Return to Sport, Recreations and Fitness.

    We are all in this together, and through our individual and collective actions we can lower the rate of transmission and protect the health and well-being of our community.

    If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Krystal Taylor at Ottawa Public Health.

  20. Anonymous28/10/20

    OK it's not possible to maintain 2meters apart in soccer. Otherwise it's not soccer. I imagine hockey is the same.
    Please list all the outbreaks that happened in SOCCER!? It must be done sport by sport, not the same ridiculous brush over all other sports.
    The outbreaks that happened were in hockey. Not soccer! Don't punish soccer kids because of something that happened in a different sport.
    Decisions must be made rationally and without emotion.
    Also the outbreaks in hockey... were they during play? Carpool? tailgating? Between parents? How did they happened? You must answer these questions! We expect OPH to know these answers. We pay taxes so that OPH knows these answers. If they don't, they need to resign.
    All we ask is rational decisions based on facts about the sport of soccer! Not other sports. No outbreaks in soccer? (I haven't heard of a single one) Then let the kids train at the very least. Ban parents from domes, ensure proper entry and exiting from domes for the kids and that's that. Emotion has no place in these decisions.

  21. Anonymous28/10/20

    Let the kids play. This thing ain't going away for a very VERY long time, and many will not want to be vaccinated.

  22. Anonymous5/11/20

    Are we going back to Stage 2 soccer?

  23. Anonymous10/12/20

    Mundial FC. Who are they?