Sports & the 2nd wave of Covid-19


Ottawa Public Health explains how the sports practice turned into a COVID-19 super spreader event.

  • - The index case was an asymptomatic person with COVID-19 who attended a team practice (they did not know they were infected)
  • - Later, other asymptomatic people with COVID-19 and one symptomatic person with COVID-19 attended practice (none knew they were infected)
  • - Masks were not consistently worn during practice
  • - People carpooled to practices with members from outside their household
  • - People mingled outside practices without proper mask use or physical distancing
  • - Many interconnections: Coaches who coached multiple teams and practices included players from different teams

Sport's practice in Ottawa led to 89 COVID-19 cases and forced hundreds to self-isolate


  1. #COVIDwise

  2. Anonymous7/1/21

    This for real?! Now they want to do this?! In the middle of a freaking pandemic!? It's not even in their website!? Probably the "new management". Tells you a lot about the old management. Which btw still there lurking around. And yes I am bitter and will have nothing to do with it but for the wish they fail miserably. They have earned nothing but disrespect from soccer enthusiasts. Community engagement 101!?!?!
    ---------- Forwarded message ---------
    From: EODSA Communications
    Date: Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 12:24 PM
    Subject: EODSA Member Club Awareness Campaign - Participation Opportunity
    To: EODSA Communications , EODSA Admin

    Dear Members,

    In an effort to promote sanctioned soccer in the District and increase registration in our Member Clubs, the EODSA has been rolling out an EODSA Member Club Awareness Campaign on all of our social media platforms. I'm sure most of you may have seen some of these posts by now.

    If you are interested in participating and having your Club promoted by the EODSA on our social media platforms, please complete the attached template and email it back to communications@eodsa.ca as soon as possible. We can include your Club in the coming weeks.

    The campaign has been running over a number of weeks, with one Club's information and photos being featured/ promoted per week. We are sharing these Club snapshots on all of our social media platforms (Facebook: @easternontariosoccer, Instagram: @easternontariosoccer and Twitter: @eodsa77). It would be great if you could interact with our posts and share them with your social media following as well.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  3. Anonymous8/1/21

    Not sure what the big deal is. Explain.

  4. Exactly. Agreed and would add; it or they aren't a big deal anymore. Not worth the effort or the biased judgmental $$$anctions.

  5. Anonymous1/2/21

    Noticed that St. Anthony's website hasn't been working in a while - hopefully they haven't shut down?

    1. Anonymous8/2/21

      Their website is working fine for me.

  6. Anonymous17/3/21

    Anyone know how OPSM was allowed to hold camps last week, but clubs aren't allowed to play games? I would have thought people would have been more responsible given the issues with the camp they ran in the summer.

    1. Anonymous17/3/21

      A couple of other things I really didn't like:

      -running it during weekdays to save themselves a bit of dome costs, but no consideration about kids missing a couple of days of school to attend.
      -a group of kids came from a team in Toronto and were all allowed to play together on the same team both days. Whereas pretty much everyone else had to get used to playing with players they don't know (to make it worse, teams were mixed around again on the second day, so everyone other than this group from Toronto were basically playing blind both days).

      Buyer beware.

    2. Anonymous17/3/21

      That's pretty low. I assume they paid extra for special treatment?

  7. Anonymous25/3/21

    Devil's advocate: If you were not a client at this combine, why would you care? Parents can determine if their child should miss school or not for this. Kids miss school for sports these days. It is not abnormal. The "buyer beware" comment. Can you elaborate on that?

    1. Anonymous25/3/21

      Let me ask you - do you think the combine would have attracted a higher caliber of players if it were held on a weekend? If so, would that not be in the players' interest, since it would probably attract more interest from coaches in that case?

      Also, if my kids were going to register for it, I would hope that someone would warn me that they make deals with players to play as a group - otherwise, you're going in at a disadvantage (i.e., buyer beware).

    2. Anonymous25/3/21

      My kid did attend, but he didn't mention that some entered as a group (not sure he would have known). One thing he really didn't like though is that it's sold as a university recruiting event, but he said there were guys in their late 20's attending. He did fine, but a 16 year old obviously won't show as well against a 27 year old as he might against other 16 or 17 year olds.

      I wasn't thrilled about him missing school, particularly in hindsight. Live and learn I guess.